Women love Onyx Strip Club Charlotte NC

It’s not unusual to see women at Onyx Charlotte outnumbering the men. No, they’re not dancers, they’re guests, sipping on Hennessey enjoying dances.   Onyx is an urban strip club catering mostly to professional Black Americans, but in Onyx’s case, the gentlemen’s club atmosphere with the touch of hip-hop culture is loved by so many women in Charlotte.

Onyx is also very welcoming to couples who love watching women incrementally peel off their dresses.  They buy lap dances and tuck dollar bills into garters.

In the past, visiting strip clubs was taboo, clubs were only visited by men, with urban clubs being visited by VIPS and ballers. Many clubs operated on a no women policy.  Those days are now gone as turning women away became bad for business.  Strip clubs like Onyx have capitalized on this new economic opportunity offering bachelorette and birthday parties specials that cater to women.

At Onyx, Party Packages are popular with the ladies.  They call the club to make reservations for their group or buy them online.  Party packages offer the simplicity of bundling admission, VIP seating, food, drinks and bottle service all into one. 

The women who visit Onyx come in groups dolled up and prepared to party the night away.  They tell us Onyx is popular with them because nowhere else can they go to hear the DJ’s mixing the best latest hits while watching talented beauties dance using the latest moves all the while enjoying cold drinks and delicious wings.  Our Onyx hosts say female patrons make the atmosphere at the clubs livelier, more like a party than a prowl.  Women like men admire and ogle the Onyx beauties.

We have asked the women, why not go to male strip clubs, their reply? Men in banana hammocks make them laugh.  Watching women is more fun, strippers are always informative on the latest trends with dances, music and fashion.  They learn how to be sexy and even get ideas on new hair, nail styles they would only see first on women working in strip clubs.

There you have it, bare naked facts on why women in Charlotte love strip clubs.